Iceberg; Floating towards unknown

Posted: April 19, 2010 in Provocative Philo ..
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Melting like an ice in the water we are like iceberg we crack from the mother ice and float into the sea and one day we will be melted to the water and again the cycle continues again and again just day’s passes. Like an abandon iceberg I am floating to the unknown. We try to make a good path and try to do our best just that doesn’t matter just the things change automatically just nothing worth’s here. We all have suffered just we are here to be suffered its not new someone is not successful or not just it’s the part of the simple life its just goes on and on. Something matters every where and that something again is the thing simply called time. We all ignore the importance of the time due to our ignorance and suddenly when we know that the time is gone then we found ourselves in a great trouble. Because we are smart at creating troubles hence we are called as human beings.

There are some boundaries there too we have many things in life to do we always want more and we always want to have every thing in the life just the greed of the human being. Something sounds odd then that’s not the fault of someone just we have to read it right. What is wrong in this world I want to make this quest to every one just what we make right and what we make wrong. A hungry stomach smashes the shop and has something to eat… is that right or wrong? Just simple things sound huge and unanswerable if you think it more deeply and we could know what we are and what we do then. Nothing is real here just we are after the abstract world and the abstract things do you know what you need. Just it’s a question then and again is the word doctor your destination or an engineer or a businessman just nothing we just run after them. Just they are just a burden to our own civilization and for us too. Simple question so how did the man survived before two thousand years ago were there any kind of facilities just it doesn’t matter just we are making our sense of living more narrow and creating more problems to ourselves.

We create huge buildings and towns and many so what’s the main thing we are after just it’s a simple word called satisfaction just we go all around the world do various things and try to fulfill our needs just for the simple word satisfaction. Imagine a world without the word satisfaction in it. I ‘d really like to stay there for long there coz there wouldn’t be our needs like here just we don’t have to run after money 24 hours and we could be safe no murders no killings just a safe place without any need or greed. We can’t change the world. But we can make it just better by adding and subtracting something we can even turn a hell to a heaven just we have to try. We are the superior human being in this universe. We have the brain we are not insane we can do anything but we just need to have that sacrifice.

Its not like that we shouldn’t use the modern facilities and the equipments just they are for us but just the greed and the anger we have to demolish that from our heart and the earth. We become more real and thing our needs accordingly. Chinese invented the thing called money they thing that it’s the most great achievement they have ever done just that’s a big mistake they have ever did. Just invention doesn’t matter it would be there any way if not Chinese there would be other like Japanese or Nepalese. We have the thought and the brain through which we can decide what’s right or wrong just we have to stay clear by ourselves there isn’t someone to help us just we born alone we die alone and we are alone we will be alone solitude life to spend till then …………………

Hence we are the iceberg floating towards the unknown….

I wrote this in may be in 2003 or later… but it’s a bit incomplete the world is not so lonely. And if you are filled with hate and anger then the same world we live could also be perceived as hell you need the word called love and if you are filled with love things are so nice and that’s the only way you could see heaven in earth … hence its your choice how you want to see the world. And the love I am talking about is unconditional ever flowing pristine love toward the vast eternity and existence…


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