Don’t you dare to give your stupid definition for the Aesthetic values and beauty of a true artist !!

Posted: April 19, 2010 in Provocative Philo ..
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what the hell … do u ever know what’s he doing and what he may be thinking. Just keep aside it’s not even your job to do that…

Just feel it if you could and if you can’t may be its not made for you just keep aside don’t try to prove your smartness …

Beauty and art are the two vague topics which should never try to be defined as easily you have tried to define it. And I don’t ever say someone’s art is good or bad I simply keep silence or say may be I can’t understand that… that would be much nicer…

Think once unless your words would be helpful in the creative process in the next time or something would be done or some effect could be felt then only may be you could say those words in an honest manner.

And the aesthetic level to judge an art should be very high and a very wise person could rise even above himself and say about the thing…

Who are you …what’s your status… who the hell are you …..

Who are you to define beauty …a person tried to define beauty his whole life and he wrote many theories and many books… And at last when he was near to his death he told that beauty is undefinable… what is the use of that whole life trying to find about beauty and saying that it’s undefinable… he just missed the point…..

Don’t never ever do so you are so small to existence that you cant even judge your self and you are trying to judge others have you ever judged your self that if you even capable of judging something. If you haven’t done that yet just do that now.

I don’t care I have seen many ups and downs.. And I wont be caring.. But the people who are not so much into the thing or who can’t control would be broken and they would be broken so much that they won’t be able to write another music or another paint or another piece of art again.

Never ever try to judge persons or their work… just observe them advice them only if it works otherwise it wont help … asking a musician not to write a music would only make things worst… just keep patience and I have read all the stories of big persons who were harassed when they were alive and only when they are dead then they make big stories and say look he was such a big person ….bla bla ..There is no need or use of such words and things would be just worse by those kinds of bullshit acts…

Why cant people observe and say I cant understand because they want to prove their superiority and impose something that they thing they know more about but in reality they know nothing not even a single word or not even a single thing its just a mess to be trying to smart and neither those comments would help in the creativity of the artistic work still the maniac tries to say …Hmmm this piece of art is a shit …it wont work.. “Who are you” Ya I am asking you who are you to say or judge things.

You are a maniac…that’s what I know about you and if you don’t have the patience and don’t have that aesthetic view point of the art. Just Shut your Mouth up. Your words are not the words of god that would transform a work of art to a majestic beautiful work of art.

If some one says that your face is ugly what can you do you can’t do any thing in fact nothing. And I am going to say to you that your face is very ugly. What can you do now can you imagine the situation can you imagine how you would be feeling. Just keep that in your heart. And you are so helpless in that time… But the same face could be appealing to a different person. And just keep that words in your heart that and think before you say anything to a piece of art.

Am saying this to you because I don’t want you feel guilty when that person rises in the air of ultimate height and you can’t even say a word at that time… And only then you could see that you were totally wrong. Hence I don’t want any artist to be harassed or anything… Your silence would be lot better than your ugly words that don’t have any point or any thing…

What is the point of saying I don’t like to see colors to a painter… Or what is the point to say I don’t like any sound to a musician or what is the point to say that I don’t like this or that. Which he couldn’t correct and he wont correct too because artist are used to this fact now and they can differentiate between cabbage and a real person. Or you could say honestly to the artist I tried my best but I didn’t got that then you could ask please can you help me to see or hear what you have thought of… then things would turn magical suddenly the vibrancies and the rhythm start to flow as of nothing…

I know what I am writing now and I don’t mean there shouldn’t be criticism but things should be taken a lot more deeply when ever you make any comments or remarks…

But I have written this because the comment and remarks are too much and if every cabbage would try to say a single thing about the art it would be a mess and I am just warning those cabbages who think that they really know and I know that’s just an ego inside them that they know better…

A cameraman is never satisfied of other’s camera work a painter is never satisfied of others paintings and he could find faults there. And a guitarist would find the problem in guitar in a song and a vocalist would find the problem in the vocals of the song…. And these are never problems and they couldn’t be solved because it’s the thing called ego and the other person things I am better than this person so he just tries to become smart to prove the unworthiness of the other person…

That’s not a solution just judge yourself are you expressing those words to prove that you are better than him have you acquired some so called knowledge or some hear and say to say that this things is not good because I have heard a real music is really loud. You know nothing about music as Beethoven too said music is silence too. Just don’t turn into a maniac ….

Hence hope from next time you would raise your aesthetic level to higher grounds. Questions like what if I don’t like may be some other person or other community would like those what if it would be more profound in the future what if the thing is not for commercial aspect what if it’s a very new type of experiment which would be a milestone and turn the way of thinking and doing certain kinds of art. On the same thing where a wise whispers the stupid shouts. Hence only an intelligent person would try to think about these matters and I know this writing wouldn’t do anything for those cabbages still this article is here to show you the mirror of yourself…..

This article was written at early 2009 i just found in my hard drive so i wanted to share this…. i heard many of my artist friends being depressed from the different kinds of stupid questions raised from many person and the comments and remarks were neither constructive nor anything … hence i wrote this article back then.

I know it’s a bit stark but i have to … ;D !!

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