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Color burst; About to sunrise

Imagine suddenly that sun and the earth stopped revolving and they just became stationary objects in the vast space. And you have traveled far away to capture a snapshot of a glorious sunrise in the mountains.





Prologue = this is a story of a man who is happy even after his death. So the story starts from then when he was alone in the mid of the ocean.

In the vast ocean, I am rowing my boat alone
The sun shines again, but I am rowing alone
The days are long, many horizons are gone
I’m there to die, since there’s no hope to come (more…)


This is very interesting trek inside Nepal. The place is very near to pokhara. After about 3 hour ride from pokhara you would reach to the place called Nayapool.

Then after reaching nayapool then your 3 days trek would begin. The trek is pretty steep and is very interesting too. There you trek through the rivers and hills.

You would see lots of rhododendron plants and its flowers if you trek in right season. The first day you shall trek about 7 hours to reach ghandruk.  The place is very interesting with a view of Annapurna, fishtail and other mountain ranges.

Then the next day you would trek again about 7-8 hours to reach ghorepani. Which is also one of the best places to watch the Himalayas. Though  I was not so lucky to see all the Himalayas range still the trek itself through the alpine forest was breath taking.

Then the third day you would trek downwards towards tatopani. The trek is more about 7-8 hours if you walk continuously. Then after such long trek finally you can take hot shower there in tatopani. Which is healing and therapeutic too.

I haven’t explained about the cultural and other aspects of the trek. This is just like the shortest brief of the trek.

I have included some of my pictures of the trek. Rather than the exact representation I just went along the way shooting pictures. You too might find the place very interesting and refreshing.

The topic is the most neglected and the most important topic on the matter of electronics and mankind still no one seems to be interested in such deep matter such as wire because they think it’s so simple. But I want to clear one thing the simpler things are more complex than anything in the world. I “Bigyan M Dixit” (egoless) find wires more interesting and very deep which needs to be understood more over. And World Class College as “Katmandu University” has been ignoring this fact and I haven’t come across any single subjects of wires in these three years and haven’t seen any sign of coming in future too. Hence I wanted to open the eyes of many unfortunate hundreds of teachers and students who didn’t had the chance to study such root knowledge of electronics and want to guide them towards light.

We see wires in every modern civilizations coz they are the sign of the achievement of our society and civilization of 21st century. Some don’t like to see wire and some like to see wires and some like to wire them all over the city. Just for nothing they are a mesh in a sense but very beautiful when you deeply feel that in air. The only thing that they don’t carry, I am pretty amazed just they don’t carry people from one place to other except that they carry every thing from love picture to love video to lovely voices and everything and also lovely signal current.

I wonder sometimes why they don’t even carry peoples. Hence they should be termed as carrier more than a silly word as wires. I was born in early eighties still I haven’t been to a single place where I can’t see a wires jumping from this pole to other. Just see open your twinkling eyes then if it’s a road the wires are like worm waves in the air jumping from pole to pole in soothing breeze and same to the left of the road as we can easily understand its more like vice versa thing that we have been accustomed to in our engineering classes.

“Are roads after wire or wires after the road” this is a very important statement in fact it should be underlined and can even be marked as “v.imp”…Ok what so ever, just a moment in this writing we are not having a simple researched based article in fact its deeper than that hence we can leave quests from above and leave the quests to be answered later and on the mid time we could raise another quest to wiggle the mind.

Do you know that now the wire has been a common term so we think of something more advance than wire like “wireless?” Means there are no wires involved in that type of transmission. Since there are no wires involved in the system we could also use other terms for the term “wireless” there are millions of words in this universe. But again we are using the term wire where there are no wires used. I even smiled to his great brilliance and intelligence of that person who invented and termed the thing as “wireless.” I know everything merged at same point as like happiness and sadness and for that person the intelligence and his silliness merged at that word called wirelessness.

Ok let’s give that person a break and I now want to say something on other dimension of wires as well. Hmm….I thinks that wireless creates human dummies. They don’t do any good to the human beings because they don’t have to go to any where imagine having a phone call u don’t even need to meet your beloved. And you can even earn a pile of money by using wireless medium like a pimp talking on a phone or a marketing personnel who eats our brain, in some way there may be exceptions too, never mind.

Human Kind is so confused about greatest invention till now that if it is wire or wireless (silly term). And where is the name of the person who discovered the main backbone of electronics or “wire.” Don’t they have to be in the history of science or why are they forgotten I demand a page of his biography in our school science book. I even had a greedy plan to become popular by claiming the invention of wires but I don’t think anyone would believe because people don’t have greater imagination and vision such as of mine to feel the genius. And even if I claim that it’s my invention hah …..Everyone knows that it was right from the Stone Age called as ropes and now a foolish word as wire for modern peoples.

The human civilization does nothing more than expanding the vocabulary and making the civilization richer in their own term. Just the simple term rope has been replaced by a big term or technical term as wire so as to make their civilization richer in their vocabulary and to get credit form others and have name in the history of human civilization. We could also term the wire as e- rope, e-carrier, something else what u can think of. Some one thinks this is a great achievement in our civilization of vocabulary then I don’t have to say any thing to those who only want to increase the size of English dictionary and even want to say look English dictionary has such million words what does your language have. (F*** to those : ) haha….

So now am finally revealing the secret of the magical and greatest word called wire. (Though I have problems with that word too. So I am more towards its subjective or functional side The main difference between a rope and a wire is that you can climb up and down a rope but you can’t climb a wire because there are chances of your death. (If you are too eager and want to climb on a wire near to your girlfriend house with a long stick for balance to watch her bathing) This above line have to be thoroughly read and mugged so that the definition gets into the back part of your brain so that you don’t forget until your death. Because we as students know definition are very important in our future life too or may be even in our next life too. Do you know one thing that sometimes birds totally hate the achievement of wires ni…(I know that’s a nepali word) coz they often get stuck on them and have a tartaric seductive death.

Hence, more wire than wireless they have proved a great thing to the history of human civilization and have been a most important topic of investigation for me becoz I really want to make my and other root knowledge of electronics very deep and that’s why I investigated and analyses more and want other to do the same if they want to be really good in electronics, And then only we would be prepared to exploit other higher dimensions of engineering and science. And the person who misses the roots of electronics and nature would miss everything indeed. In this way

I want conclude this most important paper in the world of electronics. And want to give light to the most neglected greatest invention of human being till now or wire.
(Again a foolish word but I need to use that in sheer pain where I am only concerned about the functional aspects of that word that I don’t want to use or “WIRE”)


Note: (the word is wrong seldomly re who cares I want to use that and people get what am trying to express: ) and I can even use that “re” don’t feel the pain of my English I too was in boarding English school in fact our school was so in English we did everything in English so no need to teach .

More Important Note: I was the unfortunate engineer who wrote this mystery about wire. May be this was the first time an engineer crossing logics Hence his writing was kicked from being published in Kathamandu University’s Electronics magazine and the person from the magizine thought it was a joke… i know it would be hard for engineers to understand and perceive such words of electronics may be i was too un-understandable like the mighty Brother Einstein indeed….. And may be that fellow senior engineer would have felt very hard to grasp such a diffn style of writing which was beyond logic….and a pity to that person who was learning (silly) theory and equations more over….

Refreshment: Russians dugg 100 meters and found copper cable and said that they had telephones 500 years ago Americans dugg 200 meters and found optical fibre and said they had internet facility 1000 years ago. indians dugg 1000 meters and didnt find anything and said that we had wireless technology 2000 years ago.

before the madness started.. sorry i might be wrong.. it may be after the event too … any way this writing is after being continuously smacked.. it may be really long back at about 1998-1999 …

any ways pls read and shout what so ever u think…


Psychic theory of Mr. Dikshit

Relation between people and questions and other

Computers= may help to answer questions

Dogs and teachers = have many question

(For dogs its simple they cannot speak and for teachers because they have no answers so they are as teachers but to learn there coz they have played marbles when they were kids)

Ants= they have no such questions

Mosquito= have question about the taste of blood of particular person

Girls= have questions about their beauty

Butterfly= have questions about sex

Parrot= they can answer a lot

Simple man = has no questions

Mad man = have many questions

Scientist= have many questions with some answers

God= thought to have only answers

Answers = also have question in front of them

Me=small mind have no questions better to have no questions also no answers
(after bein smacked i thought its wise not to have questions 😀 !! )

Hazards of questions
Some pupil have question about answers

For an example: Mr. Nipun had questions about teachers answer so he was nearly smacked

Mr. Dikshit had some few small questions he was smacked for 14 years in school….etc

So after reading all this do you have any questions. I think no questions if you do have any questions then you can meet me in my office.

(Why the question mark is so small I want to make it so big about the size of any thing imaginable)

Walking down the road
I am down on to the way of death
I never realize where I am
But the road shouts at me

There are no friends to share
Every thing in this world inside a tear
Sharing some thing with someone
Dreaming; expressing my heart to someone

Sometime I think about the 7 notes
Those are also hard as roots
I am thinking of my past & regretting about the future
Regretting is not the solution but has been a way

Trying to achieve is something
But nothing seems to work for my thing
I am stuck inside a small dot here
Like an insect I am bounded by my own fear

Exploiting something is great but I can’t
I try to think about my future but
My future seems nearly equivalent to my past
Nothing seem to change only the time and fast

I am forced to think about the death
That’s never the solution of the quest
My heart whispers that there is a bright future ahead
But my mind shouts that there is no never nothing ahead

I am like a cigarette; someone is smoking me alive
I am vanishing and disappearing in the air
As a man I will and must do I want to
But confused and puzzled; what’s left to be done

There is nothing that I need to do myself
Coz everything seems to be perfectly well
That might sound funny
So I am extremely puzzled to be funny.

But I sometimes like to be like an earth
Which is stable & and is of great worth
But I can’t, coz I don’t have magic to do
So nowhere to go and nowhere for you

Even the river is also not always the same
Some times it’s small sometimes insane
But I am as I am now and then
Again and again forever the same again

Does every one think like me?
Or god invented a new definition for a fool
I sound to be foolish
Coz I have more questions than answers in me

I fly in my ocean of the imagination
I swim there but suddenly it’s the dawn
Then again I am the same man again
Who runs and shouts as a barbarian

So long and long & very very long
But nothing is there for me
I am as a null object in realm
Even changing myself is a dream

People are here to change the world
& Say I change the world, for me
But I seem to be here to die
I have not even killed a fly

Now I laugh, No one have done any thing
There are only some and few to change
I want always want to fall in those few
My drawback is that I don’t question few

No I never want to blame
My mother land & my mother too
I need to try before I say something to
There always is a way and more than two

But there are many who can use but over here
Every one has a reason to make them secure
I will never have any reason
Coz I know that I have to do something very rare.

Time is moving but I am still
I think I have lost the train
But Without the wings
I want to fly very high

What I am where I am
When will this everything end?
Why are we here
Why are you there

Questions after questions
Every question leads to another question
There seem to be and endless chain of questions
So its better I ain’t ask but try to answer some questions…………………………….

what the hell … do u ever know what’s he doing and what he may be thinking. Just keep aside it’s not even your job to do that…

Just feel it if you could and if you can’t may be its not made for you just keep aside don’t try to prove your smartness …

Beauty and art are the two vague topics which should never try to be defined as easily you have tried to define it. And I don’t ever say someone’s art is good or bad I simply keep silence or say may be I can’t understand that… that would be much nicer…

Think once unless your words would be helpful in the creative process in the next time or something would be done or some effect could be felt then only may be you could say those words in an honest manner.

And the aesthetic level to judge an art should be very high and a very wise person could rise even above himself and say about the thing…

Who are you …what’s your status… who the hell are you …..

Who are you to define beauty …a person tried to define beauty his whole life and he wrote many theories and many books… And at last when he was near to his death he told that beauty is undefinable… what is the use of that whole life trying to find about beauty and saying that it’s undefinable… he just missed the point…..

Don’t never ever do so you are so small to existence that you cant even judge your self and you are trying to judge others have you ever judged your self that if you even capable of judging something. If you haven’t done that yet just do that now.

I don’t care I have seen many ups and downs.. And I wont be caring.. But the people who are not so much into the thing or who can’t control would be broken and they would be broken so much that they won’t be able to write another music or another paint or another piece of art again.

Never ever try to judge persons or their work… just observe them advice them only if it works otherwise it wont help … asking a musician not to write a music would only make things worst… just keep patience and I have read all the stories of big persons who were harassed when they were alive and only when they are dead then they make big stories and say look he was such a big person ….bla bla ..There is no need or use of such words and things would be just worse by those kinds of bullshit acts…

Why cant people observe and say I cant understand because they want to prove their superiority and impose something that they thing they know more about but in reality they know nothing not even a single word or not even a single thing its just a mess to be trying to smart and neither those comments would help in the creativity of the artistic work still the maniac tries to say …Hmmm this piece of art is a shit …it wont work.. “Who are you” Ya I am asking you who are you to say or judge things.

You are a maniac…that’s what I know about you and if you don’t have the patience and don’t have that aesthetic view point of the art. Just Shut your Mouth up. Your words are not the words of god that would transform a work of art to a majestic beautiful work of art.

If some one says that your face is ugly what can you do you can’t do any thing in fact nothing. And I am going to say to you that your face is very ugly. What can you do now can you imagine the situation can you imagine how you would be feeling. Just keep that in your heart. And you are so helpless in that time… But the same face could be appealing to a different person. And just keep that words in your heart that and think before you say anything to a piece of art.

Am saying this to you because I don’t want you feel guilty when that person rises in the air of ultimate height and you can’t even say a word at that time… And only then you could see that you were totally wrong. Hence I don’t want any artist to be harassed or anything… Your silence would be lot better than your ugly words that don’t have any point or any thing…

What is the point of saying I don’t like to see colors to a painter… Or what is the point to say I don’t like any sound to a musician or what is the point to say that I don’t like this or that. Which he couldn’t correct and he wont correct too because artist are used to this fact now and they can differentiate between cabbage and a real person. Or you could say honestly to the artist I tried my best but I didn’t got that then you could ask please can you help me to see or hear what you have thought of… then things would turn magical suddenly the vibrancies and the rhythm start to flow as of nothing…

I know what I am writing now and I don’t mean there shouldn’t be criticism but things should be taken a lot more deeply when ever you make any comments or remarks…

But I have written this because the comment and remarks are too much and if every cabbage would try to say a single thing about the art it would be a mess and I am just warning those cabbages who think that they really know and I know that’s just an ego inside them that they know better…

A cameraman is never satisfied of other’s camera work a painter is never satisfied of others paintings and he could find faults there. And a guitarist would find the problem in guitar in a song and a vocalist would find the problem in the vocals of the song…. And these are never problems and they couldn’t be solved because it’s the thing called ego and the other person things I am better than this person so he just tries to become smart to prove the unworthiness of the other person…

That’s not a solution just judge yourself are you expressing those words to prove that you are better than him have you acquired some so called knowledge or some hear and say to say that this things is not good because I have heard a real music is really loud. You know nothing about music as Beethoven too said music is silence too. Just don’t turn into a maniac ….

Hence hope from next time you would raise your aesthetic level to higher grounds. Questions like what if I don’t like may be some other person or other community would like those what if it would be more profound in the future what if the thing is not for commercial aspect what if it’s a very new type of experiment which would be a milestone and turn the way of thinking and doing certain kinds of art. On the same thing where a wise whispers the stupid shouts. Hence only an intelligent person would try to think about these matters and I know this writing wouldn’t do anything for those cabbages still this article is here to show you the mirror of yourself…..

This article was written at early 2009 i just found in my hard drive so i wanted to share this…. i heard many of my artist friends being depressed from the different kinds of stupid questions raised from many person and the comments and remarks were neither constructive nor anything … hence i wrote this article back then.

I know it’s a bit stark but i have to … ;D !!

do Share this article if you like this article otherwise not !!

Melting like an ice in the water we are like iceberg we crack from the mother ice and float into the sea and one day we will be melted to the water and again the cycle continues again and again just day’s passes. Like an abandon iceberg I am floating to the unknown. We try to make a good path and try to do our best just that doesn’t matter just the things change automatically just nothing worth’s here. We all have suffered just we are here to be suffered its not new someone is not successful or not just it’s the part of the simple life its just goes on and on. Something matters every where and that something again is the thing simply called time. We all ignore the importance of the time due to our ignorance and suddenly when we know that the time is gone then we found ourselves in a great trouble. Because we are smart at creating troubles hence we are called as human beings.

There are some boundaries there too we have many things in life to do we always want more and we always want to have every thing in the life just the greed of the human being. Something sounds odd then that’s not the fault of someone just we have to read it right. What is wrong in this world I want to make this quest to every one just what we make right and what we make wrong. A hungry stomach smashes the shop and has something to eat… is that right or wrong? Just simple things sound huge and unanswerable if you think it more deeply and we could know what we are and what we do then. Nothing is real here just we are after the abstract world and the abstract things do you know what you need. Just it’s a question then and again is the word doctor your destination or an engineer or a businessman just nothing we just run after them. Just they are just a burden to our own civilization and for us too. Simple question so how did the man survived before two thousand years ago were there any kind of facilities just it doesn’t matter just we are making our sense of living more narrow and creating more problems to ourselves.

We create huge buildings and towns and many so what’s the main thing we are after just it’s a simple word called satisfaction just we go all around the world do various things and try to fulfill our needs just for the simple word satisfaction. Imagine a world without the word satisfaction in it. I ‘d really like to stay there for long there coz there wouldn’t be our needs like here just we don’t have to run after money 24 hours and we could be safe no murders no killings just a safe place without any need or greed. We can’t change the world. But we can make it just better by adding and subtracting something we can even turn a hell to a heaven just we have to try. We are the superior human being in this universe. We have the brain we are not insane we can do anything but we just need to have that sacrifice.

Its not like that we shouldn’t use the modern facilities and the equipments just they are for us but just the greed and the anger we have to demolish that from our heart and the earth. We become more real and thing our needs accordingly. Chinese invented the thing called money they thing that it’s the most great achievement they have ever done just that’s a big mistake they have ever did. Just invention doesn’t matter it would be there any way if not Chinese there would be other like Japanese or Nepalese. We have the thought and the brain through which we can decide what’s right or wrong just we have to stay clear by ourselves there isn’t someone to help us just we born alone we die alone and we are alone we will be alone solitude life to spend till then …………………

Hence we are the iceberg floating towards the unknown….

I wrote this in may be in 2003 or later… but it’s a bit incomplete the world is not so lonely. And if you are filled with hate and anger then the same world we live could also be perceived as hell you need the word called love and if you are filled with love things are so nice and that’s the only way you could see heaven in earth … hence its your choice how you want to see the world. And the love I am talking about is unconditional ever flowing pristine love toward the vast eternity and existence…

Once upon a time there was a little frog that lived near a palace. The frog used to hear stories of frogs turning into a handsome prince by the blissful kiss of the princess. As a child he loved the story so much he would ask her mother to say the story again and again. May be his mother had told this story hundreds of times still the next night when he would have been trying to sleep. He would again ask her mother to tell the same story again.

Even he dreamt of the same blissful truth of being turned into a handsome prince and riding the horse with his beloved princess. And saying “beloved Princess Look at that beautiful pond we had a small home near that pond” and he would get so excited and wake in the middle of the dream smiling. He suddenly looked at the mirror and would saw the same face called to be frog and he used to get a little depressed and would sleep again to fall in his vivid imaginations.

One day the frog was day dreaming about the magical princess and he in fact saw a beautiful princess who was throwing pebbles in the pond listening to its sound and watching the ripple vanish. Then she would throw another stone and feel that pond. The frog was simply spellbound looking at the princess and he was so struck from her eternal beauty. He had not seen such an angelic person in his whole life. And at that moment the frog was struck with the idea this is the princess whom I have been dreaming. And she is the one who would in fact turn me to a handsome prince.

He simply couldn’t resist and just went to hear and started talking with the princess. He was so enthusiastic that his talks were mesmerizing. The princess listened to her for hours and hours till the sun was red and sets in the west.

He told about his dreams and desires and one day he even told that she was the princess to whom he had been dreaming. He was so obsessed with his dream he even said that the princess that I saw in dreams had the same face as yours. He also said that his magical kiss at the occasion of our marriage I too would be turned into a handsome prince by your divine kiss. And he told about his dreams of giving her eternal peace love and happiness when he would be turned into a prince.

The words of the frog were too blissful and his eyes were very true filled with endless desires and true love. And since the love and dreams of the frog was so intense she felt that in fact that he may be very true. And she too had heard of stories of frogs turning into prince when she was a child.

Then the frog gave her a beautiful flower and said will you marry me. The princess was filled with tears from his pristine love. And she said “ Yes I would” the frog was so happy he jumped and shouted yes” He felt so happy that day and he couldn’t even express to his mother how joyful it was to be in that situation he was just beyond imaginations. Though he was not rich hence he had to sell all his and his mother’s belongings to have a beautiful dress which he would wear after turning into a handsome prince.

Then the princess told the entire story to her father and hearing all the stories and thinking nothing could be done at that point. He said “ok if you think that’s the truth you can marry that….” He took a long pause and finally said “Frog”.

She was so happy to have got such an understanding father she was too in a very good mood and she came running to tell her love about the good news about the approval of their marriage.

The king made an announcement of that day that her beloved princess would marry a frog. And everyone was so confused and they were talking with each other that what had happened to our king had he gone mad or so. The magical transformation of frog to a handsome prince was simply too foolish and yet the King believed on that matter. Hence that topic was a matter of talk in everyone’s mouth. The news was so intense that even the smallest child in the country had known about the story.

The day had finally arrived and the most grand and biggest palace hall was so packed with visitors all over the country. And in fact thousands of people had come to see the transformed prince from all over the country. And they were eagerly waiting outside of the palace hall even to see the transformed prince after the magical kiss.

The frog and the father were there in the middle of the hall waiting for the ceremony. Then finally the blissful princess arrived swaying her long dress which trailed lot longer. He was so stunned at that moment looking at his beautiful beloved. Though there were hundreds of people he couldn’t hear or see anyone over there because he was in deep love with the princess.

Then both of them were in the middle of the hall. Then the people shouted that it won’t be fair to marry first. They said “that they want to see him turn into a prince and only he could marry the beloved princess.” The idea soon took a big dimension and even the king needed to say ok because he was a loving king too.

Then they too agreed to have the kiss and every one’s eyes were opened so wide that in fact no one were even blinking. Then the princess holds her beloved frog in her hands. The frog closed his eyes to feel the blissful kiss and suddenly found that he had just been kissed.

An utter silence arose in the room everyone were so blank and even the breathing could be heard. The frog was thinking that he had turned into a handsome prince and everyone was just spellbound to see him turn into a handsome prince. But only when some one came with a mirror and showed that he was still the same frog that he used to be then he was like struck by a lightning. And at that moment he remembered about his past dreams when he would have god the dream of a princess kissing her and he would have suddenly woke in the middle of the night to see the same frog in mirror.

He was deeply shattered and very upset. He looked at the dress that he had made for and shifted his eyes which were filled with tears towards the princess. He cursed within himself for breaking the heart of princess. He was so ashamed he was thinking to die.

The princess was too shocked that the story didn’t come to be true. She too was much struck; but she soon came to realize that she was being so foolish. Frogs don’t turn into handsome princes. And if the little beloved frog loved her so much then in fact that little frog was her prince.

Then she started breaking the silence that she would indeed marry the same frog even thought it didn’t turn into a magical prince because she loved him very much. All the people started talking with each other and there was a chaos of people saying this and that. And finally the king spoke and again everyone listened to what their king was saying. He said that “If my daughter the princess loves a frog and she wants to get married with even the frog I don’t have any problems she can do as she has desired of…” Then again gossips and talks were there and some one asked the priest to forward the process.

Then the priest read the holy lines and they got married in aspects of religion. Then the priest said the bride can kiss the groom. Then the frog hadn’t lost his imaginations about being a handsome prince in fact he was thinking that this time the miracle would happen and everyone would be so spell bound.

Then finally the princess again held him in her hands and gave a loving kiss with a pure and true heart. This time too both of them closed their eyes and when she opened her eyes the frog was the same little frog but she hadn’t dreamt of prince that time. But when the frog came to see that the princess too had turned into a little frog. He felt very warm and delighted looking her as himself. He even couldn’t control his emotions and just jumped here and there.

Other persons in the hall were so shocked to see their princess turned into a frog. Even the king was shocked and came running to pick her daughter. She said “No worries father I am absolutely very happy to be a frog and now I feel more closely to my beloved love I thank you for being so kind and generous”. Hearing his daughter’s words he was so filled with emotions but he soon realized that she was very true indeed.

And after that day he didn’t had dreams to turning into a handsome prince. And hence they lived a very Happy and Peaceful life near that beautiful pond and his mother was also very happy to find her son with her for ever…..

By: Bigyan M Dixit (March-13-2009)